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TV shows and VCDs on Braj
Local Brajwasis have been trained by The Braj Foundation to produce TV programe focusing Braj. These youngmen are working with The Braj Foundation, which has its full fledged TV studio in Vrindavan and on the hill of Maangarh, Barsana. A team of dedicated professionals is working round the clock to produce some historic TV programmes and music videos on the various facets of Braj.

We have produced 21 episodes of Sri Radha Rani Braj Yatra - a 41 day annual sojourn across the land of Braj. These episodes in their own characteristic manner showcase the richness of Braj culture and heritage.

Want to extend a helping hand?

We would like to inform all the lovers of Braj that there is a tremendous potential of bringing the rich culture and nectar of Braj before the whole world provided we have advanced models of cameras, computers, bulk CD copiers and other resources to hire qualified technicians. Basically the sponsorship of each such project can go a long way in educating and entertaining the lovers of Braj all over the world.

If you want to see the pilots of our programmes you may contact our Vrindavan Office. We will be happy to mail you the audio CDs and VCDs on demand.