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What media has to say about Braj Rakshak Dal
Braj Rakshak Dal believes in nishkaam sewa, hence we do not run after media publicity. However some journalists and media persons in recent past visited various sites of our activities and were overwhelmed to see the quality of work and dedication of our volunteers. Here are some of the excerpts:

"In a brave new attempt to restore the Braj area to its original grandeur, residents from various villages of the region and different parts of the country have now come together to combine a 5,000 year old “Pilgrimage” into a crusade to save its environment and history.

From cleaning and restoring old temple tanks for rainwater harvesting to spreading awareness about cleanliness and deforestation, a two year old organization Braj Rakshak Dal is now preaching lessons of conservation as part of religious discourses and using the Bhagwatam to inform villagers about their rich natural surroundings that they live in."

The Hindu
2.11.2004, New Delhi 
"The abode of romance, Braj, is observing a Cultural Renaissance. Thousands of people from across the world are involved in the restoration and conservation of the cultural heritage associated with the transcendental pastimes of Lord Radha and Krishna.
Initiated by an organisation known as Braj Rakshak Dal, the devotees of Lord Krishna have been traveling 12 kms a day on foot in the Braj comprising of Mathura and neighbouring areas. With the chantings of Radhe-Radhe, Krishna-Krishna the participants have been making a beeline to take part in the movement. Starting at 6 in the morning, the journey takes its route through the dilapidated roads of Vrindavan and Mathura and moves to the serpentine paths criss-crossing Braj's agricultural lands."
The Pioneer
9.11.2004, New Delhi