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The need for Braj Rakshak Dal
Out of dozens of beautiful forests, only 3 are left in their natural form . Rest have been reduced into barren lands. Their size vary from 5 acres to 500 acres.

Out of over 1000 beautiful Kunds, 80% have been filled with silt, their carved chhatris have been broken down and smuggled out.

Out of 27 beautiful ghats of Yamuna at Vrindavan, only one is left. Rest have been encroached upon or smuggled out of the country.

Several heritage hills of Braj are being brutally blasted out by the stone mafia using dynamite.

Almost every village had historic buildings, with beautiful carvings, today only their remnants are left.

Millions of rupees pour into Braj every day by way of donations, but are pocketed by vested interests for their personal use or for decorating their five star ashrams or temples.

No Government has ever bothered to protect or develop Braj-bhoomi.

Several trusts and temples in Vrindavan have crores of rupees in their bank accounts and they keep collecting more yet not a penny is spent on the development of real Braj.