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Brajwasis- the original inhabitants of Braj, who have for 5000 years sustained and nurtured Braj culture, are ignored and insulted by the well established religious dons. No money is spent on their welfare and development of real sites in their villages where thousands of wonderful past times were performed by The Divine Couple.
If we do not wake up now, we would repent for centuries !
This immense destruction has to be stopped by iron hand or else the future generations would find the glory and splendor of Braj only in books. By then the Braj would have been converted into a dreaded forest of concrete and cement.
What the Krishna devotees would do then except expressing their remorse and regret.

It's shocking to know that only the last 20 years have rendered such a great damage to Braj which even the Muslim rulers and British masters could not have done in the last 1000 years.
The most important leela-sthalis in Braj are; the numerous kunds (water-tanks), sarovars (ponds), vans (forests), parvatas (hills) and the ghats of river Yamuna, dating back to the time of Lord Krishna himself. But all these places are being attacked.
They are being destroyed ruthlessly.

Followers of all Bhakti Sampradayas have joined hands
Objective of Braj Rakshak Dal
People behind

Inspired by Shri Ramesh Baba of Maangarh Barsana The Braj Rakshak Dal was establish in 2002. Today several prominent saints of India have extanded their support and blessing to Braj Rakshak Dal. A few among them are Shri Ramesh Bhai Ojha ji, Shri Shri Ravishankar ji, Shri Guru Sharnanad ji, Shri Madhav Priya Swami ji, Shri Radhanath ji and many others.

» Vineet Narain:
Its President is wellknown crusading journalist Vineet Narain(www.vineetnarain.net) who is dedicating his life for the protection and conservation of Braj. Being a Brajwasi he has natural love for this holy land.

» Radhakant Shastri:
A close associate of Shri Ramesh Baba for the past 40 years is the Vice President of the Braj Rakshak Dal.
» Raghav Mittal:
After obtaining his degrees from IIT Khargpur this young Brajwasi chose to serve Braj. He is the secretary of Braj Rakshak Dal.
» Kishori Devi:
Born in a highly spiritual Brahamin family of Barsana she has dedicated her life for serving the saints, poor people and devotees by feeding hundreds of them in her home at village Chiksauli. She is the Treasurer of Braj Rakshak Dal.
The other Trustess of Braj Raskhak Dal are Shri Anand Poddar of Florida USA, Shri Rajan Sanghi of Jaipur, Shri Purushottam Mulloli of Kerala, Shri Rajneesh Kapur of Delhi, Smt. Nirguna Devi of Vrindavan.