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Sorry state of Braj
Destruction of Hills
Pathetic state of kunds
Poor condition of groves
Unfortunately all this vast heritage of Braj is lying neglected, widely ignored and is nearing extinction
Hills are being blasted out
Heritage hills of Braj are being brutally destroyed just for masonry stone. An organized mining mafia is on the play to disrobe the entire Braj Bhoomi of all its grandeur. The current epicenter of all these mining activities is the Kaman tehsil in the Bharatpur District of Rajasthan. Defying all established norms and guidelines of mining the miners are running a naked show.
All this forced Braj Raskshak Dal to file a Public Interest Litigation in the Rajasthan High Court through the Villagers of Bolkheda village against this unscrupulous destruction. The Hon’ble High Court appointed a two member committee to investigate into the matter. The exhaustive report of the committee has been vocal and explicit enough to certify the pathetic state of affairs. Based on this report in their order dated 24.2.2004 the Hon'ble judges passed strictures against the Rajsthan govt.
For full details on this heart rendering issue you may read the special edtion of Kalchakra- investigative news from Delhi.(www.kalchakra.org.in)

Brutal Destruction of Hills


Brutal Destruction in Lord Krishna's land


Stone Crushing