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Sorry state of Braj
Destruction of Hills
Pathetic state of kunds
Poor condition of groves
Poor state of Yamuna
Yamuna is the lifeline of Braja Bhoomi. Hundreds of Sanskrit verses have been composed by saints in the glorification of this river. She is considered to be the patrani of Lord Krishna. The divine couple performed several wonderful pastimes in this river. Even today, every morning, its water is fetched by the priests of several prominent temples of Vrindavan for bathing the deities in brahma muhurat. Most of the devotees of Krishna start their day by

taking a holy dip into this river every morning. Yet its condition is shockingly horrible. It has been converted into a ‘big nallah’(gutter).

To check the pollution of Yamuna a PIL was filed in the Hon’ble High Court of Allahabad. Different agencies of UP govt. were pressed into action for dealing with this problem. Japan Bank of International Co-operation extended grant of millions of dollars to establish sewerage treatment plant, low cost toilets and for tapping the drains of Vrindavan and Mathura. A nodal officer of UP Govt. was appointed to supervise the work. A committee was formed to assist the Nodal officer. It is unfortunate that nothing substantial was done by these people. Nallahs continue to pour into Yamuna. Sewerage treatment plant is non-functional. The work done is of very poor quality. End result is that we are back to square one. Yamuna is 10 million times more polluted than its tolrance limit.


Heaps of garbage


Polluted water of Yamuna


Sewer water pouring into Yamuna