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Sorry state of Braj
Destruction of Hills
Pathetic state of kunds
Poor condition of groves
Poor condition of groves
Out of the 137 transcidental forests of Lord Krishna's time only three have survived. The biggest threat to these groves is from the land mafia who have secured both political and economic prowess over time. They are always in the search of an opportunity to cut down the remaining trees and convert the land into residential colonies. Only a wider awareness and proper demarcation of these groves can save them from total annihilation.

Despite the dreaded destruction and devastation there is still a lot which can be protected and conserved. The Braj Foundation with the support of local members of Braj Rakshak Dal has taken up the task of protecting, reviving and rejuvenating these 48 sacred groves. Inspired by a 70 year old ascetic Sri Ramesh Baba of Maan Mandir, Barsana who fought for 46 long years to protect the Gahvarvan grove of Maanpur villager, the volunteers of Braj Rakshak Dal spread across all the villages of Braj ensure that no further damage is done to these groves.

The Braj Foundation doing an extensive survey of these groves to get them demarcated and marked so that they can be protected and preserved. Wide scale afforestation projects are being prepared and executed to restore these forests. It is a declared dead river.


Uddhav Kyari


Poor state of Braj groves


Vihar Van, Raal