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Sorry state of Braj
Destruction of Hills
Pathetic state of kunds
Poor condition of groves
Pathetic state of kunds
Today, unfortunately most of these 1000 Kunds of Braj are in a pathetic condition. They have either dried up due to silting for centuries or have been converted into garbage dump yards and sludge tanks where dirty drains pour in. The embankments (ghats) of most of the kunds are in a dilapidated condition. The beautiful architectural constructions and chhataris around them are in a very poor state and badly need repair. Catchments areas and land surrounding the Kunds have been usurped and encroached at many places.

In earlier times due to the spiritual as well as cultural significance of these kunds their due protection and conservation was ensured for a long time. In this century the continuum of these traditions broke down and disappeared. Modern water supply system and irrational construction spree has been the main cause of their pathetic condition. The interesting part is that despite declining sub-soil water tables and increasing water crises no care or attention has been granted to these traditional water bodies. The probable reason might be the myopic vision and westernized outlook of the Indian planners and policy makers which goaded them to neglect and ignore the Indian models and indigenous genius.


Brahma Kund, Vrindavan


Bichoh Kund, Rupnagar


Subhadra Kund, Rankoli