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Objectives of Braj Rakshak Dal
To create Braj Consciousness all over the world.
To restore and revive the natural grandeur of Braj which comprises of over 1000 Kunds (ponds), 48 forests, river Yamuna and dozens of hills which are being blasted out by the massive use of dynamite.
Reconstruction and beautification of the various Leela-sthalis of the Lord
Arrangement for the facilities and comfort of pilgrims in the entire Braj
To serve the holy Dham with the co-operation of all sampradayas, devotees, voluntary organizations, Corporate Houses, NRIs , and government machinery. For this purpose, to obtain the guidance and blessings of the saints of Braj and elsewhere
To eradicate all the social evils polluting Braj and to strengthen the stream of spirituality in Braj again
To generate new avenues of employment for the Youth of Braj by developing Braj as a leading eco-tourism destination
To achieve economic upliftment of rural areas of Braj
Over 10,000 Brajwasis, other prominent Indians and NRIs have already joined Braj Rakshak Dal and the number is growing by the day.
To become the member of Braj Rakshak Dal, kindly fill the following declaration with the requisite personal information and mail the same to: brajrakshakdal@gmail.com
Membership Declaration