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What is Braj ?
Ancient Kunds of Braj
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Hundreds of ancient water tanks
Very few people know that Braj – the land of Krishna is a home of over 1000 beautiful historic kunds (water tanks). A large number of them are over 5000 year old and find mention in the scriptures and folklores related to Radha-Krishna’s pastimes. They have been the centre of reverence and worship for millions of Krishna devotees all over the world. Millions come even now to take a holy dip in these sacred kunds.
Filled with deep waters and surrounded by stone embankments and beautiful architectural constructions, these kunds present a picturesque setting for devotees, nature lovers and connoisseurs of art and culture alike. Many of these kunds are a natural habitat for numerous migratory birds as well for example the Darshan Sarovar in the village Bhadauta is a wonderful sanctuary for birds.

Dan Nivartan Kund

Kusum Sarovar

Dohini Kund