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What is Braj ?
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Sacred groves of Braj
From Himachal Pradesh to Tamil Nadu; from Gujarat to Manipur the entire landscape of India is full of forests and innumerable sacred groves protected and preserved for centuries by the local communities. It is only in the recent times that an impending crisis is looming large over their very existence. The wide scale urbanization and resulting deforestation is creating havoc to the intricate ecological balance and is uprooting local cultures and traditions at a fast face.

Very few people are aware of the fact that Braj – the land of Lord Krishna comprises of over 137 sacred groves associated with His various pastimes. In fact the names of a large number of villages of Braj carry the suffix ‘van’ which indicate their being forests for e.g. – Belvan, Mahavan, Vrindavan and so on.

Gahvarvan, Barsana

All these groves find mention in the scripture and are associated with one or the other leelas of the divine couple. Several temples and tanks are present in these groves which were built in remembrance of the particular pastime. The religious and spiritual importance has been so intense that even today these groves are frequented by millions of devotees from all over the world.

The size of these groves varies from 5 acres to 500 acres. The traces of the old grandeur can still be seen at many places where beautiful Kadamb and Tamaal trees catch the eyes of the beholders. The exotic beauty of Darshan van, the picturesque settings of various Kadamb khandis (groves) reinvigorates the beauty of Braj.