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What is Braj ?
Ancient Kunds of Braj
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Hills of Braj
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Hills of Braj
In Braj there are numerous low lying hill ranges which are of great spiritual as well as ecological importance. Goverdhan Parvat in Goverdhan village, Nandishwar Parvat at Nandgaon, Brahmanchal Parvat at Barsana, Ashtakoot hills ranges and several other hill ranges in Deeg and Kaman tehsils of Bharatpur districts constitute the hilly terrain of the region. These hills apart from their ecological treasure are home to innumerable heritage sites and spots.

Nar Parvat

The entire hilly belt of Braj lies well within the Taj Trapezium Zone declared as an eco-fragile zone by the Supreme Court. The orange colored spots are the hilly places of Braj.

Gandhmadan Parvat

Spiritual Hills
As per the Hindu scriptures all the major spiritual mountains of the world lie amongst these hill ranges viz – Mainak Parvat, Nar Parvat, Narayan Parvat, Vindhyachal Parvat, Trikoot Parvat, Gandhmadan Parvat, Rohitanchal Parvat etc. These hills wanted to see the transcidental leelas of Radha-Krishna hence Lord granted them place in Braj.

Historic Marks and Prints
Innumerable footmarks and other marks of Krishna lie all over these hills. Legend goes that when Krishna used to play his flute, the hills used to get waxed and thereby the footprints of the Lord used to get impregnated on them. These prints lie all over the Braj hills at innumerable locations. At several places chhatris have been constructed over them.

Foot mark of lord Krishna

Fisalini shila

Heritage Rocks
Several heritage rocks too lie all over these hills. Khatshila was the rock on which Krishna used to take rest while the cattle grazed on the hills slopes. This rock has been blasted out and razed to ground. Phisalini Shila – a natural slider where Krishna used to slide with his cow-herd friends. Cracks of 2 inch width have come in this rock. Saugandhini Shila – the rock on which Krishna vowed to Brajwasis that he would never leave Braj.

Replicas of major Indian Pilgrim Centers
These hills contain replicas of prominent pilgrim centers of the country like Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, Yamunotri. All these tirthas wanted to see Krishna leelas hence they came to Braj.

Historic Caves
Several caves associated with Krishna leelas like Vyomasur cave (where Krishna killed the demon Vyomasur), Jadkhor cave (where Krishna hid with his cow-herd friends) etc. are also situated on these hills.


Charan Pahadi

Gangotri, Badrinath

Goverdhan Hill